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Access teams were introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013 and I am pretty sure you must have used it in some project or other. And why not. Cool feature indeed.

But there has always been a complaint that access teams are not solution aware. More specifically, the access team utilizes access team templates which you cannot incorporate as part of the solution. You need to manually re-create the access team templates in the target environment and the access team sub-grid in the corresponding forms.

So if you are thinking of some tool that could do this, well you are at the right place. This utility would do the following stuffs for you.

  • Migrate the team templates from your source environment to target environment
  • Update the template references in your CRM solution to point to the target environment Access Team Templates, so that your solution is ready to be imported to the target environment.

To know more on how to use this tool and what you can achieve with this tool, please refer to the documentation tab for detailed explanation.

It's in beta. So for any issues please drop me a note at I will get back to you

Lastly if you feel if the tool really helps, please make a small donation to my paypal account: This would help me continuing to develop many more of such utilities in future.

Hope this helps!


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